24 hours after: Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply a nourishing moisturiser. Avoid products with fragrances or active ingredients (vitamin C, A/Retinols), acids (lactic acid, AHA, BHA), scrubs or toners which may cause irritation.

Your skin may experience mild swelling, bruising, peeling and flaking, as well as petechiae (brown/red pinprick spots). To minimise these effects by keeping the skin moisturised, this will reduce shedding and alleviate tightness. Avoid exercising, sweating excessively, swimming or applying makeup. You must apply a high protection mineral-based sunscreen when going outdoors, and avoid prolonged sun exposure.

48 hours after: Gently exfoliate the dry or flaking skin to speed up the recovery process, and continue to hydrate the skin, morning and night.

3 - 5 days post-treatment: Continue to apply a high protection sunscreen daily and avoid direct and extended sunlight for up to 1-week post-needling. Your skincare routine should focus on hydrating and moisturising products, continuing to avoid active ingredients, acids, scrubs and toners.

7+ days post-treatment: You may return to your regular skincare routine.

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